Websites for Nonprofits

Social Media for Social Impact – Part 1

Business Model Canvas to Lean Canvas to Social Lean Canvas

Benefit Corporation and L3C adoption on the rise!

Passing Entrance Tests for a Failing School System

Research: J. Gregory Dees – The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship

Ello – Raises $5.5 Million, Files As a Benefit Corporation

What a great trend. Filing as a benefit corporation provides the legal backbone for a company to “not be evil” Link: [...]

LEGO Ends 50-Year Partnership with Shell

Ouch. This reflects two trends: the power of consumer voice; and brands distancing themselves from anything counter-sustainable. Link: [...]

Google Analytics Academy – Account Structure

Account > Property > View The basic hierarchy of Google Analytics is Account to Property to View. Account Top-level Example: Organization – You may have one or multiple companies or [...]

Google Analytics Academy – Creating an Account

URL: Configuring Google Analytics is rather straight-forward considering how sophisticated the back-end is. There are essentially two steps: 1. Configure the [...]

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