Business Strategy

How do we get from point A to point B? Actually, what is point B? While business strategy is an expansive concept, it often boils down to “what are we doing and how do we hope to get it done?”

Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurship

For-profit organizations that seek to benefit society through their business model. Social enterprises do more than simply donate money, they align actual business processes to create a positive outcome.

About Nathan Lee Jones, MBA

Nathan Lee Jones, MBA is a social entrepreneur and business strategist. Nathan specializes in technology, education, digital marketing, and arts, and most recently served as Innovation Analyst at CGFNS International, a global healthcare credentials evaluation nonprofit. For eight years prior to that, he owned and operated CODA Program, a youth music education company that provided thousands of workshops to countless children throughout the Philadelphia region. His other past endeavors include an Internet development company, a recording and production organization, and a branding and marketing outfit. Additionally, Nathan is the Community Organizer for NetSquared Chicago, an international organization that unites the technology and social impact communities.

Nathan has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a Strategic Management concentration from the Temple University Fox School of Business and a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems and Technology from Drexel University. He recently relocated to Chicago with his wife and three young sons and can be reached at, @nathanleejones, or 267-974-6298.


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Current Projects


Founder, Teaching Each

Teaching Each provides home-based, individualized learning programs to elementary-age students to reduce educational disparities and create a lifetime of opportunities.

Community Organizer, NetSquared Chicago

Technology + Social Impact. Events and Topics with the Chicago Nonprofit, Social Impact, and Technology Communities. Join us! We are a volunteer-led network with 50+ Chapters in 20+ Countries.


Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant, OnTrackNorthAmerica

Overall digital strategy including brand elements, website, and email marketing campaigns.

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