Pinterest: “You’re liable and you have no rights!”

 In Digital Marketing

stop-pinterestThis article really brings up a great legal and privacy consideration around all forms of social media. 1) Are you liable for copyright infringement when you post other’s material? and 2) What ownership rights do you retain when you post to networks? According to Pinterest, you are completely liable and you hand over unlimited rights to your own materials.

We all read about brief battles surrounding privacy and liabilities but how much does anyone really take an+

.y of this into consideration? I know I have been posting to Pinterest with reckless abandon. I’m hoping that they just have this general blanket legal jargon to protect themselves as the ramp up… as opposed to “evil” motives. Either way, as more people hear about this, it could limit their growth.

Article and Image via Ragan’s PRDaily: Pinterest and legal issues: Read this before you pin anything

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