So its been interesting to watch networks and content aggregators scramble to redefine their business models. Netflix keeps evolving, Amazon Prime is great if you like old, out-dated videos, and Hulu is awkward but effective. What’s next?

It feels like a few interesting areas are converging that center around customization and the personalization of content. In just about every industry, we are witnessing the combined effect of “big data”, ample storage and computing power, and increasing consumer voice. The breaking apart of music albums to that of custom, single-driven mp3 playlists was just a taste. Increasingly high-quality videos on YouTube is another. So what is the bet that online video providers are making? Content!

But not just content… a LOT of content. All signs are showing that in the very near future, I will be able to watch a show that perfectly matches my interests and desires. And maybe this particular show will only appeal to a few thousand people. It will all be shot on a super-camera-clock-phone-toaster and it will make today’s HD movies look silly. And somehow, the model will be profitable. So it seems the large companies will have to figure out how to produce enough content, cheaply enough, to mass produce while still meeting customer preferences. Or just step back, fund the process, and let the amateurs do it.

  • Great start…would love to hear more detail on how this plays out in your mind. I’ve been thinking in very much the same grooves, but with different conclusions. Will look for your take once published.

  • nathan

    Thanks for commenting! This is an area that I definitely plan to expand upon. I enjoy looking for signs of coming changes and there are a lot of “oddities” occurring right now in media. On one hand, we all make jokes about excessive cat videos on YouTube while also acknowledging the rapidly increasingly quality of complex full-fledged series. So in that is the implication that if this one platform can address the consumption needs for so many in a self-regulated market of sorts, what is coming next? There is nothing less valid or valuable about the lover of cat videos. We are just having a hard time monetizing the model.

    On top of that, you are also seeing interesting acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships and the media powerhouses scramble to innovate while still holding onto their old business models. I can feel the race happening and I think it will present great opportunities for content creators. Still teasing out the full concept but would love to bounce it around some more!

    What’s your take??

    Thanks again for the comment 🙂

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