Google Analytics Academy – Creating an Account

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Configuring Google Analytics is rather straight-forward considering how sophisticated the back-end is. There are essentially two steps:

1. Configure the Google Analytics Account

2. Insert Google Analytics into the website


Configuring Google Analytics

First you create a new Google Analytics account by clicking on the “Admin” button once logged in. They tend to move options around (!!) but click around until you find an option to “Create a new account.” It will then prompt you to select between a “Website” and a “mobile app.” No worries, you can ultimately choose both for one account.


Inserting Google Analytics

Configuring Google Analytics automatically generates either JavaScript code, or a mobile SDK depending on your choice of website or mobile, respectively.

For Websites

Simply insert the JavaScript code within the HEAD section of your website (or site template)


For Mobile Apps

Download and install the software development kit (SDK) for either Android or iOS.


Alternative Methods

Google Tag Manager

I knew NOTHING about Google Tag Manager so I look forward to researching further. More information is at


Google Analytics Plugins

Google allows for the creation of plugins to easily integrate with other platforms. For example, there are plugins for WordPress that allow you to simply paste your Google Analytics ID without needing to manually insert code anywhere.


That’s it! Now time to start tracking!

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