Google Analytics Academy – Account Structure

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Account > Property > View

The basic hierarchy of Google Analytics is Account to Property to View.



  • Top-level
  • Example: Organization – You may have one or multiple companies or entities that you are tracking for


  • Digital asset level – Allows segmentation of each asset within an account. This is useful for monitoring completely different efforts within one brand.
  • Example: Website; Blog Site; Mobile App
  • It should be noted that there is no way to aggregate data from the different properties. If you want to see the total impact of two different properties, combine them into one and start over!


  • Different uses/views of the digital asset
  • Example: Team in UK might need different data than team in US, but all are using the same website.


Configuring Account Structure

The Google Analytics Academy course essentially “assigns” the task of configuring a test account to match the following infrastructure.

structure 2

This was an important practice step as it showed me that I configured everything incorrectly!! Fully understanding the overall hierarchy is important and will keep you oriented as you configure all your options. Here are a few screenshots that mirror the hierarchy above.

Overall Admin Screen

Property Pull-down

View Pull-down


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