Business Model Canvas to Lean Canvas to Social Lean Canvas

Only 8% of Stats on Facebook are True

I have a theory regarding the importance of metrics, and the responsibility of the well-intentioned person to provide the necessary details to a discussion. In fact, I assert that if you want to [...]

Custom Content will be King!

So its been interesting to watch networks and content aggregators scramble to redefine their business models. Netflix keeps evolving, Amazon Prime is great if you like old, out-dated videos, and [...]

Innovation for the Rest of Us?

The emergence, or growth, of innovation-based perspectives in business management will predictably undergo major growing pains in upcoming years. As corporations redefine core processes and [...]

Let’s Create Some New Business Models

So I’m a little late to the party, but for years something known as the Business Model Canvas has been floating around. It’s a great framework for thinking about your business, [...]

Embracing My Failure to Change the World (yet)

Parking Meter Supply and Demand – $6/hr?

Parking meter rates as high as $6 per hour. A pretty interesting experiment in San Francisco is underway with the goal of leaving one available parking space on each block. Its the rules of [...]

Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops Printing!

As a brief follow-up to my previous post, looks like Encylopaedia Britannica is discontinuing their print version… after 244 years! The main reason, of course, is Wikipedia and the reality [...]

Print Media and the Change in Consumption

A great question was recently posed by Elizabeth Grimaldi, Executive Director of The Village of Arts and Humanities here in Philadelphia. They recently released a fantastic magazine, CRED, which [...]