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Google Analytics Academy – Account Structure

Account > Property > View The basic hierarchy of Google Analytics is Account to Property to View. Account Top-level Example: Organization – You may have one or multiple companies or [...]

Google Analytics Academy – Creating an Account

URL: Configuring Google Analytics is rather straight-forward considering how sophisticated the back-end is. There are essentially two steps: 1. Configure the [...]

Google Analytics Academy – How Google Analytics Works

Technical Overview In this rather brief technical overview, the inner-workings of Google Analytics are dissected into four key areas: Collection Processing Configuration Reporting

Google Analytics Academy – Creating an Analytics Strategy

Skills needed for implementation For a successful Google Analytics implementation, the following skillsets are recommended. Of course, depending on the size of the organization, these skills may [...]

Google Analytics Academy – Importance, Core Analytics, and Attribution

Building the Business Case for Analytics Technology has changed. The world has changed. Compounding the fact that there are countless new devices to access information, more people are accessing [...]

Google Analytics Academy – Introduction and Overview

Why use Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a powerful tool for measuring and reporting website traffic and behavior. However, website data lacking context is simply noise. Therefore, the [...]