Organization Background

CGNFS International is a world leader in credentials evaluations for foreign educated healthcare providers. For example, if a nurse is educated and licensed in the Philippines, but wishes to relocate and practice in the United States, CGFNS reviews and compares their education to US standards and assists with meeting all state-mandated licensure and language requirements.

My Role and Tasks

Given my background in maintaining websites and custom design work, I was originally hired by CGFNS International to join the Marketing department as a Web Multimedia Communications Specialist. However, after working closely with the CEO, we decided to change my role to that of an “Innovation Analyst”.

As an Innovation Analyst, I

  • Introduced, analyzed, and assisted with new technology deployment for business process enablement, including:
    • Content Management Systems (CMS) and online communications methodologies
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and engagement techniques
    • Customer Support platforms, Video conferencing systems, Website and data analytics platforms
  • Formed and led cross-departmental development team for complete corporate website overhaul
    • Included full business process analysis, organization-wide roll-out plan, and multifaceted stakeholder communication strategies
    • Realized a 60% cost savings by utilizing internal staff and open source platforms
  • Created, maintained, and delivered marketing collateral, presentations, and other high-stakes materials to customers, the Board of Trustees, and employees
  • Interfaced with, and between, all levels of internal stakeholders including operations, information technology, marketing, customer service, executive, Board of Trustees, and committee members

Project Highlight:

Corporate Website Redesign

Understanding the Challenge

I was tasked with redesigning and relaunching a new corporate website. While the current site was dated, more pressing was that the entire site was in static HTML/CSS. Therefore, if any changes were needed, someone (me) would have to edit the source code directly. Any major changes such as new content areas or additional functionality were simply out of the question.

Creating the Solution

After reviewing various options, including outsourcing the entire project or working with local development firms, I advocated to develop the entire website in-house to:

  • better leverage employee expertise
  • re-engage staff in the overall corporate vision and communication strategy
  • realize tangible cost savings


IT + Creative + Operations + Customer Support

To lead this process, I chose to form a cross-departmental team with representation from IT, creative, operations, and customer support. We then engaged in a series of creative and technical sessions that informed the “Initial Concept, Research and Planning” phase (See figure). In addition, staff through the organization were interviewed to fully surface key requirements from all stakeholders. Throughout the process, the executive team was engaged with regular project plan updates in both print and online format. Gantt charts, process diagrams, and site architectures were all presented in various iterations.

Enjoying the Results

We were able to launch the new website within three months at roughly 20% of the costs that our outside vendors proposed. By using WordPress, current staff within the organization are able to maintain the website and potentially change the design in the future without incurring high costs.

Before and After

Homepage (BEFORE)

homepage - before

Homepage (AFTER)

homepage - after

Example Services Page (BEFORE)

services - before

Example Services Page (AFTER)


Example Services Page (BEFORE)

about_board - before

Example Services Page (AFTER)

about_board - after

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