I co-founded CODA Program in 2004 and from then until 2012, our staff implemented youth music workshops and educational solutions throughout the Philadelphia-region for tens of thousands of children. We will forever be both proud and honored to have worked with youth and the organizations that support them.

Over 10,000 Students

36 Artist Educators Employed


CODA Program Mission: To empower the global community by utilizing music to strengthen relationships between artists, educators, parents, youth, and institutions

About CODA Program: Community! Outreach! Development! Achievement! More than a music lesson, CODA Program offered a holistic approach to music education. Students received a well-rounded experience in every workshop, class, and lesson led by artist educators whose approach is to share music with the world. CODA Program offered private music instruction, workshops, after-school and summer camp programming, classroom education, custom workshops and learning tools. Serving every educational level from kindergarten to college and beyond, CODA Program effectively provided opportunities for communities to learn and enjoy music.

Clients Included:

Example Workshops


CODA Program’s signature workshop explored the social, historical, and musical influences on Hip-hop and its relationship to other genres.


Collaborative and highly-interactive workshop that provided participants an opportunity to create original music using a variety of professional studio tools.


Interactive workshop that explored the vast world of drums and percussion instruments while participating in an actual drum circle.

Project Highlight: My Music, My Song!

Custom curriculum, over 400 students, five locations, City-wide

Wordsworth, a recognized Philadelphia leader in mental health and educational services for children and adolescents, hired CODA Program to provide Summer Camp Music Programming and ongoing After School programming through its Education Department’s five locations. Custom curriculum packages, including fun, educational activities, system-wide CD recording projects, youth events, and an on-site studio, were implemented for over four hundred students.

Fun Fact: CODA Program was originally retained for one Wordsworth location. However, after the initial proposal presentation, the curriculum package was immediately desired at all of the organization’s locations.

Highlight: Music Incentive Program – To encourage participation, CODA Program created a specialized incentive program that rewarded various levels of involvement and results. Students received water ice, pizza parties, and actual instruments.

More Project Highlights to Come...

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